How to Reduce Stress at Work :: 6 Simple Strategies Anyone Can Follow


The 6 Ways to Reduce Stress at Work:

  1. Form Positive Relationships ::

    Here are some tips for fostering positive personal relationships at work:

    • Put down your smartphone! Instead of burying your head in your Instagram feed at lunch, leave your phone at your desk during breaks and engage with co-workers.
    • Start your own “buddy” or mentorship program at your office.Remember, these relationships should be both personal and professional. It works best when buddies are from different departments, so there’s less chance of office politics becoming a factor.
  2. Start Exercising ::

    If you don’t have the time to fit in a run or gym session before or after work each day, here are some tips to increase your mobility in the office:

    • Switch to an “Active Desk.” Sitting for long stretches at your desk is not good for your health. Alternatively, standing desks get you out of your chair and on your feet. This works your stabilizing leg and stomach muscles, your heart, and lets you burn extra calories. Check out Vivo’s sit-stand desk .
    • Take walking meetings. In a recent interview with the Awesome Office Show, BittyFoods CEO Megan Miller explained that she gets in daily exercise by taking calls while strolling through San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. LA-based skincare brand Murad also installed a walking track in their office space to encourage team members to get up from their desks during the day.
  3. Eat Healthy and Nutritious Foods::

    Eat this:

    • Complex carbs like whole wheat bread or pasta and vegetables
    • Foods high in fiber like fruits and vegetables
    • Superfoods like Kale, Dark Chocolate, and blueberries, which contain mood-boosting antioxidants
    • Lean proteins like chicken, or better yet, wild-caught Alaskan Salmon (high in mood stabilizing omega-3’s)
  4. Get Enough Sleep::

    Here are some tips to get your sleep schedule back on track:

    • Shoot for eight hours a night. There used to be a stigma, especially among business leaders, that “sleep is for the weak.” The most productive people know that you can’t operate at peak performance without the regenerative effects of proper sleep. So don’t skimp!
    • Avoid sleeping in on weekends. While it may be tempting, sleeping in can throw off this schedule and undo the progress you’ve made.
    • Turn off screens 1 hour before you want to go to bed. Whether it’s TV, laptops, or our smartphones, screens keep our brains engaged and make it difficult for us to fall asleep.
    • Take cat naps. We’re talking 15-20 minutes, max. While we definitely believe that naps are regenerative, don’t over do it.
  5. Prioritize and Organize::
    • Clarify Goals.
    • Prioritize Against Goals.
    • Focus on 2-3 things Max.
    • Set Deadlines.
    • Make a To-Do List.
    • Use Your Calendar.
  6. Kick Your Bad Habits::

    Here are a few tips to change your mindset by break the bad habits that are holding you back:

    • Stay positive. One way to do this is to express gratitude. It’s surprising how much different your outlook is when you make a point to recognize the people and things in your life that you’re lucky to have.
    • Resist perfectionism. Don’t fear mistakes, learn from them. The desire to be perfect can make your stress spike and your self-worth plummet. Recognize that failures don’t define you, they’re just opportunities for learning and growth.
    • Focus on what you can control. Much of the anxiety we experience is over the uncertainty caused by things outside our control. The best way to combat that is to only focus on the things we can control – like our effort, our attitude, and how we treat people – rather than the outcomes we can’t.

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